It is hard to believe we are already at the end of the decade (and that I’ve been blogging for a decade!) but here we are :)  For my end of the year (decade) post I’m sharing some of my blog posts that have been the most popular this decade.  If you missed some of these, I hope they can be useful to you now.  Happy Reading and Happy Holidays!

First blog post:  How Relevant is Global Thinking?  (2010) Hint: It’s only gotten more relevant over the decade :)

What Makes Someone Inspirational (2010) – my most popular blog post of the past decade; I guess we’re all looking for inspiration.

And a number of accomplished people sharing how they go outside of their comfort zones is also inspirational (2011).

What’s the Recipe? (2012) – we often chase after the shiny, innovative new idea or tool, but long-term change is much harder.  (I returned to this theme a number of times including earlier this year: The Long Term Nature of Change)

Are you Really Ready to Lead this Meeting? (2013) – facilitation tips (including from a number of colleagues in the comments section)

Scaling for Impact by Scaling Deep (2014) – a favorite theme of my work, and to my writing; I also have collected/curated resources that look at effective scaling.

Communicating in a Global Environment (2015) – some particular challenges of communicating in a global environment.

Sustainable Development Goals as a Global Gateway (2016) – agreed to by the UN in 2015 to replace the earlier Millennium Development Goals, the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are helping to set a lot of the international development agenda through 2030.  This piece shows how NGOs can link their work.

The State of Impact Assessment (2017) – Part I and Part II – impact assessment, accountability, evaluation, however you want to label it, we need to get better at evaluating whether the work we do is leading towards the outcomes we hope for.

Strategic International Outreach (2018) – a topic that is the focus of much of my consulting work and that I write about often.

The Roads to Paradigm Change (2019) – the road many of us are taking as we head into the new decade.

And for those of you who are interested in blogging (or similar writing pursuits) here are my anniversary blogs reflecting on the experience:

First anniversary blog post: A Year Can Go Quickly

Fifth year blog post: Celebrating an Anniversary with an e-book  (2015) – International Engagement for Impact in a Changing World, my second book was an e-book

Seventh year blog post (2017)