Project Description

I initially had a series of discussions with the Yoga Alliance Foundation (YAF) executive director around their developing a re-envisioned focus for the foundation to best maximize the impact it could have in the world. An initial focus that was developed was to place more attention on groups that have traditionally had barriers to accessing yoga and its benefits. What evolved from these initial conversations was an exploratory process to develop a model for the integration of yoga into refugee mental health programs. A colleague (from the global south) and I were contracted to facilitate this initial exploration which started with a series of workshops of diverse stakeholders.

Two virtual conversations were held with representatives of refugee communities now offering yoga in their new homes, non-refugee yoga teachers with experience offering yoga to refugees, and those in the humanitarian aid/crisis response community who might develop such programs. Questions were sent to participants in advance to help them prepare for the discussion and they were also encouraged to submit any additional thoughts after the workshops. We reviewed with the YAF team the results of these discussions and some next steps to take this project forward.

This project included assistance with:

  • Advising and Counseling
  • Process facilitation
  • Global Outreach
  • Facilitation of Multi-stakeholder Group