Project Description

CIVICUS is a global coalition of NGOs and other civil society organizations that helps to strengthen citizen action for a more equitable world.  As part of a periodic review of their strategies, they engaged myself and a colleague to interview a range of members and other stakeholders, and analyze how the organization’s strategies and operational approaches were viewed and what impact they were having.  The focus was on obtaining internal and external perceptions that would help lead to stronger operations, an engaged membership and increased visibility for CIVICUS and its members globally.

Our work included a review of background documents (to inform the questions that would be asked of interviewees), and the analysis of responses from individual interviews as well as five questions added to a general membership survey.  Interviewees came from a range of countries on four continents.

The final deliverable was a report (presented both in writing and verbally through a virtual discussion) to the Senior Management Team including an analysis and recommendations.  Many of the recommendations were implemented and a number of years later robust membership engagement, and enhanced visibility for the organization and its members around the importance of citizen engagement, are some of the results that can be seen.

This project included assistance with:

  • Global outreach strategies and planning
  • Primary stakeholder interviews

“The evaluation was carried out with great efficiency and care, engaging CIVICUS staff in mission-critical thinking at key touchpoints, so that the final report reflected our experiences without the process being over-burdensome or the analysis too inward looking. In the end, the team felt like we gained important insights that added value to both our strategy planning and ways of working, more generally.”

Amy Taylor, CIVICUS, Chief Network Officer