Project Description

The American Osteopathic Association (AOA), the largest osteopathic association in the world, noted that the osteopathic profession was beginning to organize in other countries around the world and wanted to develop a strategy for organizing the profession globally.  It hired me to work with the leadership and staff to help develop this strategy. An initial step was to convene a conference of representatives of the osteopathic profession from countries where a core group could be identified, to discuss what this group might want to do together.  The creation of a multinational steering committee and the identification of specific actions the group could take together to explore and eventually demonstrate the value of such an alliance, led to the creation of the new organization, the Osteopathic International Alliance (OIA) several years later.

I continued to work with the new OIA for several years to help develop and stabilize its governance and operational procedures.  This work included advising staff and leadership, helping to draft key documents, and facilitating meetings of the Board of Directors.

  • Strategic planning
  • Organizational and program development
  • Global outreach strategies and planning
  • Process facilitation
  • Advising and counseling
  • Facilitation of multi-stakeholder groups