Project Description

The Affordable Housing Institute (AHI) engaged me to facilitate a six month strategic planning process.  The AHI operates in a broad field (strengthening financial systems, especially to support housing policy for the most marginalized) and has a diverse, global constituency.  A first step in the process was to interview a representative group of these stakeholders for their input to help the leadership shape their strategy discussions.

I helped the senior leadership to design a strategic planning process that would incorporate input from this diverse set of stakeholders, and lead the board in a series of conversations to help articulate the AHI’s niche.  After this series of board conversations, I helped the senior leadership to design a plan of action.

This project included assistance with:

  • Strategic Planning
  • Stakeholder interviews
  • Meeting facilitation

“Few people can keep pace with the passion and intellect that drives our work while also understanding the unique challenges facing non-profits in a global context. Bonnie Koenig at Going International was a great choice for us in both regards. Bonnie was a very effective facilitator for our Board discussions and a thoughtful guide to our senior staff.”

Deidre Schmidt, Executive Director, Affordable Housing Institute