Project Description

The leader of the Child Health Task Force (CHTF) secretariat originally approached me about facilitating a meeting of the CHTF’s Steering Committee and committee chairs. It was to be a large, diverse, multi-stakeholder group meeting over 3 days and we agreed that it would need some intentional pre-planning in order for the (1) Meeting itself to be successful and (2) There to be a clear path forward as to how the outcomes would be used.  We worked together on planning the meeting, facilitating what was seen as a successful two days of discussion, and developing a workplan to take the meeting outcomes forward.

The CHTF secretariat leadership and I then continued to discuss the process of keeping this diverse, multi-stakeholder focused and moving forward.  Based on these discussions and our initial work together, the secretariat engaged me to be a process facilitator and advisor, in addition to a meeting facilitator.  For over six months we had regular planning calls (both one to one and with the Steering Committee) for me to help support the process.  I was able to bring in my experience as a former executive director and someone familiar with shepherding diverse multi-year projects to provide peer support as well as guidance to help strengthen the process.  Together we encouraged paradigm change in the group’s thinking.  One of the outcomes was a re-envisioned perspective on country led engagement and new types of potentially more effective partnerships.

This project included assistance with:

  • Process facilitation
  • Advising and counseling on key junctures
  • Facilitation of multi-stakeholder groups

“Bonnie has worked with the Global Child Health Task Force and Secretariat to develop strategies as well as approaches for taking them forward.  Bonnie initially facilitated strategic visioning meetings of the Steering Committee to develop a value added statement, which helped us put what distinguishes us into words. Bringing her group facilitation skills and a deep knowledge of the global health landscape, Bonnie has also been instrumental in helping the Task Force define a collaborative agenda among its diverse member organizations and a country engagement strategy. Working with the Secretariat, Bonnie brings the practical managerial skills of executing on time while allowing the time for the mindset and paradigm shifts needed to build a credible organization. Bonnie is wise and patient; she knows when exactly to employ the soft skills to break through the resistance.  Working with Bonnie made me appreciate that leading an organization is like a long journey that only succeeds when we start with a good map. Thank you Bonnie for helping us develop the map.”

Dyness Kasungami, Coordinator, the Global Child Health Task Force Secretariat