Project Description

Based on work I have done with global groups, including as the founder and manager of the Testing Change project, the Accountable Now staff asked me to co-create, co-host and facilitate their three day annual workshop.  We spent a number of months working together, meeting with other groups that were interesting in presenting a workshop session, to put together a coherent workshop with the themes of Inclusion, Power Sharing and Resilience.

This project included assistance with:

  • Workshop development
  • Facilitation of multi-stakeholder groups

“Co-creator, host and facilitator for Accountable Now’s annual workshop  Bonnie has been instrumental in designing, planning and facilitating the first virtually held Accountable Now’s Annual Workshop. I was impressed by how she skillfully facilitated the virtual interaction of a large and diverse group of almost 60 participants, discussing complex issues. Bonnie brought her vast experience to the designing process as well, suggesting workable solutions when issues arose. But most of all, I appreciate the can do attitude and the positivity she projected.”

Hector Payo Merino