I’ve been reading a lot of things and heard a number of conversations recently that seem to imply that “If you just use this new innovation or tool, or have this kind of leader, or follow our recipe for success…”  But it’s not any one (or even two) new things.  It’s asking questions and brainstorming with the group, and having a vision, and learning from others and finding new partners, and innovating, and trying out these new ideas, and having a plan, and evaluating, and admitting failure, and adapting your ideas, and lots of communication, and most of all its on-going commitment and hard-work.  It’s taking the time and finding the customized mixture that works for your organization.  And when your recipe jells, when your organization finds what works for it, it can seem like magic and you might just change your piece of the world.


P.S. Don’t forget to click on the links for the resource inside.  Thanks to Katherine Lucey (aka @solar_sister) for noting the fun ‘surprise’ element!