“Over 100 years of experience in facilitating social change in a global context”.  That’s how many years we got when we quickly estimated our combined work.  How to assess what matters and what works, how to collaborate, how to work internationally, all areas in which we have explored, experimented and in many cases have had some ‘successes’ individually or with different partners.  We came together about a year ago to explore and experiment with new ideas that might help to equip today’s changemakers to tackle the challenging new questions that face us.  Perhaps just one small piece of the puzzle, we intend to be bridge builders and ‘boundary spanners’, always reaching out to other individuals and groups that have ‘pieces’ of the puzzle.

I wrote about Ci2iGlobal’s first offering here.   Our second workshop will be next month (with a plan for some e-books and other knowledge sharing to come).

Are you (or someone you know) looking for new ways to:

  • Break through some big challenges that have been baffling you?
  • Explore new ideas in a collaborative, cross-cultural context?
  • Push your thinking?
  • Expand your own impact?

If so, then stay tuned, more to come from Ci2iGlobal….