Those of us who work in the “social good” arena professionally come in contact with many good causes to support.  This is the first of periodic “thematic” blog posts on charities/causes I like and why. Inspired by the wonderful folks at Epic Change and to honor my mother, today’s blog focuses on Mother’s Day which is Sunday, May 8th in many parts of the world.   Would you like to honor your mother in a special way?  Here are some great ways to do so:

  1. Epic Change uses creativity and technology to engage people with mamas around the world, and a special mama based in Tanzania, Mama Lucy and a school she runs .  With a mission to “amplify the voices of grassroots changemakers who need to be heard”  Epic Change sponsors  TweetsGiving, Epic Thanks, the Twitterkids of Tanzania & To Mama With Love.   Visit To Mama with Love to honor your mama.
  2. Partners in Health  is an organization that has helped set the standard for effective community based aid and development work, starting in Haiti in 1983 and now in 11 countries.  Their Mother’s Day offering is a program that helps mothers by sending your mother an e-card.
  3. Plan Canada is part of Plan International  an organization working in 48 countries to support children.  One of their current projects is the distribution of a home birthing kit for new moms in the developing world.   When I asked for additional description of what was in kit the answer was quickly forthcoming. Kits contain soap, surgical gloves, cotton wool, gauze, cord ligature, sterilized blade, a polythene sheet, instruction sheet, postnatal care tips (for mother & child) and a growth monitoring chart.   Having done some work in the neo-natal area, I know this kit has been solidly researched.

How will you be honoring your Mother this year?