Engaging Internationally

Rebuilding civil society

December 2, 2020

Recently I had the opportunity to co-create, host and facilitate the annual workshop of Accountable Now.   We used many of the approaches that we have developed through the Testing Change project as the farming for the workshop.  The approaches we used included:

  • Paradigm not just incremental change.
  • Circular (not linear) planning – plan, test, learn

Learning and Adapting through Disruptive Times

August 18, 2020

Since the pandemic went worldwide earlier this year, in addition to helping client groups navigate change, I have also been trying to follow discussions and trends that can provide helpful context and pathways.  This has resulted in a series of blog posts – Tips for Successful Meetings (March 2020) when most of us were transitioning …


Learning through Disruptive Times

June 15, 2020

Time for learning
Loyce Pace, CEO
Global Health Council

We are living through a worldwide health crisis, an economic crisis, a racial crisis and a crisis of democracy.  Anyone of them would test us, facing them all at once, for an indefinite time into the future, is going to take enormous amounts of our energy.  …


The Next Phase

April 29, 2020

We’ve survived the first weeks… Phase 1, the high intensity, quick decision-making time is ending.  Phase 2 is harder, it’s the endurance phase. It’s like moving from acute to chronic, when we don’t know when things will end. Each phase needs different interventions….Phase 3 is on its way. This is when we look back, see


Lessons from Global Health

April 7, 2020

Helping Babies Survive

Although I am not a global health specialist, as a strategist, I have worked with many medical groups in the global health arena over the past 25 years.  Some of this work has included supporting the creation of the the Helping Babies Survive Global Development Alliance,  Osteopathic International Alliance and the work …