Project Description

The International Coaching Federation has had a successful period of global growth and was interested in doing some more intensive work strengthening its presence in India.  I have done several ‘deep dives’ living and working in China, Australia and India and so we initiated a discussion of how I might be able to help them with this effort.

In a six month project, I did a ‘deep dive’ into understanding ICF and its culture, interviewed key local leaders, and worked with ICF staff to develop strategies for enhancing ICF’s presence in India.  A final report outlined goals, actions and evaluation criteria.  In addition, I developed a more generic set of guidelines for ICF to apply a similar process to other geographic areas.

Since then, thanks to a much more profound understanding of the Indian culture, ICF managed to grow its presence in India significantly, hired a permanent staff person in India and continues establishing strong ties with India’s leading businesses and corporations that utilize professional coaching in their leadership development.

This project included assistance with:

  • Global outreach strategies and planning
  • Primary stakeholder interviews

“Entering a new market is almost always a scary proposition. Unless you have the backing and support of somebody who lived that reality themselves. Bonnie not only helped navigate the challenging ways of a new culture, but managed to translate it into a “how to” guide for any new territories that we would like to consider. A true gift and an amazing partnership that we can’t be more grateful for.”

Magdalena Mook, Executive Director/CEO, International Coaching Federation