Making chappati


It was a particularly interesting year as I took some ‘sabbatical time’ to travel, read, write and reflect.

Traveling is always illuminating, pushing us outside of our comfort zones and providing many lessons and times to practice the important skill of observation. For the first time in many years, I also took some time for myself, which as many of us with a personal mission (and ‘urgency’) to help change the world seldom do. If it is something you can carve out for yourself even in small (but ‘electronically disconnected’) chunks, I highly recommend it.

I read and wrote (more than I usually do) and took the time to talk with many people active in this broad, and sometimes illusive field of ‘change making’. Two products are percolating for 2015: (1) Finishing an e-book I started that draws from my now almost five years of blogging with the working title of “International Engagement for Impact in a Changing World” and (2) A project that will hopefully add to our collective knowledge of how to make the operational changes that many of our organizations and networks will have to make in the coming years. Stay tuned…

I hope you have some time to rejuvenate during the holiday season as we all recharge for a challenging and productive 2015.