The Institute of Internal Auditors (IIA) is an international professional association of more than 160,000 members (approximately 85,000 of whom are outside of the U.S). Its global headquarters is in Florida. United States. Throughout the world, the IIA is recognized as the internal audit profession's leader in certification, education, research, and technological guidance. It is known for providing products and services such as a professional practices framework, training and certification


IIA's international presence has expanded significantly over the past few years, with affiliates in over 100 countries. With its worldwide growth, the IIA recognized the diversity of its existing affiliates. It also recognized that it could strengthen its network by bettering understanding the operations and expectations of its affiliates, how they can most effectively relate to IIA, and how IIA could most effectively deliver services.


In early 2007, the IIA initiated a six month process to develop a plan to efficiently use IIA resources to collaborate with affiliates to enhance coordination, address their needs, and help ensure local sustainability. This project was overseen by a Global Task Force, and involved senior IIA staff, and Bonnie Koenig of Going International. A major effort was undertaken to interview representatives of as many of IIA's 100 worldwide affiliates as possible by volunteer members of the Task Force, IIA staff and the consultant, and compile and analyze the resulting information. A focus was also placed on integrating recommendations that were developed into the IIA strategic plan.


The recommendations developed were presented to and adopted by IIA's Board in July 2007. Due to the time and effort invested in involving so many IIA stakeholders, the recommendations were well received. Thomas Bohn, the IIA vice president who was overseeing the process commented that the resulting plan had "Everyone applauding". Said Sylvia Boyd, the senior manager in charge of the project: "Having direct and in many cases face to face dialogue with the affiliates leaders to engage them in the identification of needs and priorities in serving our global membership proved to be of huge value to our organization."


March 10, 2008