Engaging Internationally

What did you Say? (NGOs and Internal Communication in a Technologically Driven World)

January 27, 2011

Last month I wrote about the importance of communication loops to effective internal decision making. Systematizing effective communication is hard within any organization (especially in an era of ‘information overload), but it is especially important and challenging for geographically spread or culturally diverse organizations.  The more stakeholders involved and the more diverse (including geographically spread) …


Haiti one year later: What Have We Learned?

January 11, 2011

Unless you’ve been very far away from any media over the past year you know there was a devastating earthquake in Haiti last January.  And you may have observed that more than any other story over the past year, even in our ‘fickle’ society, it has had staying power.  What about this story has captured …


A collection of end-of-the-year articles, blogs & reflections

January 2, 2011

From an earthquake in Haiti to rescued miners in Chile…from the IPad to Jumo ….and don’t forget the World Cup and the Millennium Development Goals review:  Where were we and where  are we going? A collage of articles and blogs ending 2010 and welcoming 2011:

Eyewitness 2010 (The Guardian, London)

Around the World in 12 …


Harry Who?

December 21, 2010

I primarily blog about topics of interest to NGO practitioners as their organizations engage internationally.  But from time to time a topic comes along that is international but a little more ‘fun’ such as my blog on the World Cup. This holiday blog is one of those.

A few weeks ago around the time …


Internal decision making practices: doesn’t sound exciting, but oh so important

December 7, 2010

Last week , I lamented  “Why am I still surprised at the number  of organizations that don’t follow the most basic ‘good practices’ for internal decision-making?” A colleague replied that he was “actually looking for a guideline to those” and did I have any recommendations.  As a quick search of my files on and offline …