Engaging Internationally

Powers of Observation

April 9, 2014

When my kids were young and we travelled we used to play this game “How do you know you’re not at home?  What’s different about our surroundings here?”  Over time they got good at going from observing the obvious: different dress, different language being spoken, different seasons, etc… to the more sophisticated – what range …


Learn Share Lab on Co-Creation

February 20, 2014

A small but diverse group from 12 countries and many fields of practice came together recently to explore the concept of co-creation at the Learn Share Lab.  The event modeled a co-creative approach itself, featuring 14 case studies of co-creative initiatives, discussed both in facilitated and open space sessions, which were guided by a number …


Navigating towards cultural change

January 24, 2014

A Twitter conversation around the effectiveness of advocacy campaigns and my recent travels to several countries where garbage disposal is a major problem have me thinking about this question of how we bring about significant cultural change.   In the U.S. it took decades to change the culture around garbage disposal and personal littering habits with …


End of the Year Reflections

December 15, 2013

Traveling, especially by train, often provides time for reflection and writing. I am spending the end of the year traveling in India. Here are some of my reflections on the year that is about to end:

1. Post-2015 – Although many deadlines can seem artificial, years can be useful barometers for looking at what has …


Asking the Tough Questions

November 12, 2013

Through the wonderful technology of livestreaming and a number of conference organizers who planned livestreaming into their events, I was able to travel recently to conferences and workshops in Rome, Washington, DC and London while still carrying on work based elsewhere.  Here is some of what I have been listening in on and what I’ve …