Engaging Internationally

We’re All in this Together

January 23, 2013

Reading and thinking about Oxfam America’s new aid campaign and some of the reactions to it, made me think about the title of a song my kids used to listen to years ago “We’re All in this Together”.   As the greater community of “we” try to figure out what Smart Aid or Disruptive Development  or …


Building Bridges

January 8, 2013

We seem to be in a period where there is a lot of talk (and indeed a fair amount of action) around ‘the need for change’ and ‘doing things differently’.  Google the phrase ‘changemakers’ and pages appear.  Some people love the term innovation, others say it is becoming overused and perhaps less relevant.

I am …


A Year of Inspirational Reading (2012 Edition)

December 13, 2012

This is my second annual “Year of Inspirational Reading” blog post.  For this year’s edition I’ve also included a category of poems and websites that were sent to me, in addition to hard copy books.  Here are this year’s submissions:


Mine: Wangari Matthai’s book Unbowed (and here’s a podcast I did on ‘her story …


What’s the recipe?

November 27, 2012

I’ve been reading a lot of things and heard a number of conversations recently that seem to imply that “If you just use this new innovation or tool, or have this kind of leader, or follow our recipe for success…”  But it’s not any one (or even two) new things.  It’s asking questions and brainstorming


Are We Readying Ourselves for Significant Change?

October 24, 2012

It strikes me that we are going through some of the significant change in civil society since I entered the profession 30 years ago .  In the past few years we are beginning to see a conversation emerge that has outlined some of these evolving trends.  They include:

  • New international configurations and players (BRICs –