New Beginnings?

January 3, 2012

The beginning of January is a time for reflections and can be a chance for new beginnings:  personally, professionally and as world citizens.  As this “New Year’s Time” piece notes the first of January is one day that is widely shared globally and brings us all together in a common observance  to ‘make of it whatever we choose to’.

The new year gives us a chance to balance continuity and change (what’s working, and what do we need to do differently?); and vision with reality and pragmatism (how many resolutions should I really strive for this year?).

It also provides us with a lot of new ideas and reading materials to plunge our thinking in new directions and re-engage with each other.  Here are several pieces that caught my attention:

What caught yours?

Here’s to new beginnings (or re-commitments), with new (or renewed) energy to take us forward into a new year!